Expert Wellness Coach

Your Own Wellness Website

This is more than a meal plan!

  • Personalized wellness website
  • Personalized grocery list, meal ideas
  • Personalized nutritional rules for you to follow
  • One month of daily journal checking

A $1,200 value for only $150!

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1 on 1 Private Counseling

Limited spots available!

  • Private meeting via Zoom or by phone
  • Assistance in nutrition education, behavior modification
  • Expert help in overcoming life’s mental and emotional obstacles
  • Identification of triggers and how to stop self-sabotage
  • You may also split the hourly rate with up to three other people for a total of four people! I can counsel up to four people in the same hour session.

One hour only $125

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One-half hour $70

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The Elite Club

Small group zoom meetings with Travis.

  • Gain nutritional education
  • Deep dive into performance based nutrition
  • Learn about behavior modification and longevity topics.
  • Solve problems with Travis' unique problem solving ability, time and attention.
  • Supervised food journals by Travis
  • Be held to high standards.
  • Meet your weight loss goals in record time.
  • Daily access to Travis
  • Connect with with other like minded members
  • Weekly accountability meetings and nutrition topics.
Elite Club meetings will be held Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm est.

Only $100 per month!

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